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My Name is Gordon Wyne and I am graphic designer and illustrator with seven years experience in both print and design. In 2008, I graduated from Colorado State University with a BFA in graphic design. After graduation I began freelancing, getting my feet wet with projects for local restaurants, artists and friends.


In 2010 I participated in a five month internship at Lightsource Creative Communication. While there, I learned how to work as a member of a full design and marketing team, working to meet deadlines, collaborating with writers, sales people and other designers. I gained  valuable experience working with corporate clients and running larger projects.


Shortly after my internship at Lightsource, I created Idea Well Design and began freelancing for a local digital printer, Digital Print Resources. Although initially just a "work from home designer" my role in day-to-day operations quickly increased. Starting in 2011, I began working in-shop and my responsibilities grew to include pre-press production and customer service in addition to my design and marketing responsibilities.


As a printer and a designer, I learned both the creative and practical sides of creating projects. I learned clear communication with the customer is vital, and that even the best looking design can fall apart if not created with the proper preparation and care. This experience combined with the practical skills gained through day to day print production have given me the real world experience to increase  quality, functionality and production speed of my designs.


When not working,  I enjoy learning about art and science, and how they work together to create great design.  I also like to spend time biking and hiking around the beautiful city of Fort Collins.

Cell: 970.988.1875
I am available for freelance and full time work.
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